Restorative Dentistry Products for 
Victoria, BC Patients

James Bay Denturists uses state-of-the-art techniques and high quality products to create precise and natural-looking dental restorations. Some of the products and methods we use are described in detail below.

Portrait® IPN

Portrait® IPN® teeth are one of the most customizable types of composite teeth for dental appliances. With a variety of molds and color blending options, they provide a lifelike esthetic that you will appreciate. The strength of Portrait® IPN® prevents cracking and crazing, but like natural teeth they can experience gradual enamel wear. Because of their strength and beauty Portrait® IPN® composite teeth make an excellent addition to an implant-supported denture.


ThermoFlex™ Acetal Resin clasps provide a natural esthetic for patients with a metal framework. These highly elastic clasps stretch around the largest teeth while still maintaining a strong hold. With excellent tensile strength and a high abrasion resistance, ThermoFlex™ offers a durable, long-lasting solution for patients seeking a more natural looking partial.

ThermoFlex™ clasps are lightweight, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible. They come in a

wide variety of colors to provide the most lifelike restoration.

Vitallium® 2000 Plus

Vitallium® partials are built from a premium partial alloy that is entirely biocompatible. They provide patients with a strong, fracture-resistant device that offers excellent fit and ease of adjustability. Vitallium® allows patients to experience a lightweight, more natural alloy partial.

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